Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fulgeance does some homecooking

Via Cascade Records, some cool bleepy biz: "Fulgeance's upcoming release “Homecooking” will be out October 2016. Homecooking is a singular concept-album of 33 original tracks built up as a personal tape.

With it, Fulgeance is stating a raw and fundamental musical vision, closer to the “machines” and going sideways of the current digital perfection. Homecooking is a trip at the core of one of the French beatmaking pioneers’ universe, in which you dive into his multiple inspiration – from careful sampling to analog synths. 

Homecooking will be available in a 100-piece limited edition, designed by the talented illustrator Plancton 9. In the tailor-made box you will find a CD, K7 and a flip book."

Original Music Written and Produced by Fulgeance.
Released by:Cascade Records, release date: 28 October 2016

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