Thursday, September 01, 2016

Lee Fields and the Expressions drop Special Night single

Lee Fields.
Lee Fields. Photo by Sesse Lind

Lee Fields and the Expressions just dropped Special Night, the first single off his new album of the same name, out Nov 4 on Big Crown Records, the label now home to nearly all the acts that used to be on Truth and Soul (two of the founders of Big Crown are ex Truth and Soul).

Mr Fields did an interview with Noisey on it, read that here, excerpt below...

Are you excited to be getting new stuff out there again?

"Absolutely, man. Music is what I do and I try to do music that has some sort of value to it. You know, I learned a long time ago that if an artist is really true to their art, they try to do things that will be appreciated for a long period of time. So, I'm very selective of the things that I do so that, in the future, I have as few regrets as possible. Because I think artists must be responsible for what they say and what they do. You know, just chasing a dollar…

I can think of many songs that I think would have sold a lot more records that I ever sold, but I refused to cut them because it's not totally about money. Money has a great deal to do with it, but it's about how you're going to feel 15 years from now, how your family's going to feel about that stuff.

What we say is food for the brain for people. Like, you try to eat the right foods to keep your body healthy; if you eat bad food, chances are the body will become weakened. The same thing about the mind – if you put out things that aren't good for the mind, the mind will become damaged.

So I try to make sure that my words and the things that I say, I believe that it's of good quality. And I'd be hoping that there's a financial reward at the end of it, but I don't put the finance first, you know? It's about the quality of words and what I'm feeding people in their mental psyche.

But yes, I'm very excited about the new stuff. I'm very proud of what I said and I don't see where I would be having any regrets in the future."

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