Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kings Arms site up for sale, slim chance it may remain a venue

Stuff reports that Kings Arms site is up for sale, with owner Maureen Gordon saying there's a slim chance it may remain a venue. "We're very reluctant twalk way from the music scene but overheads and expenses are pretty high. Rates and all those things come into it. And it's very valuable land that's sitting there," says Gordon

When the Council announced it's SHAs (special housing areas) in March the Kings Arms site was included, causing some consternation among music fans.

At that time, Russell Brown at Public Address reported that ' an apparently knowledgeable source says: "Maureen has no intention to sell at this point. The council can’t do sh*t as she owns the land outright … Maureen’s furious at the council."

Gordon was the one who registered it with Council after being made aware of Council deadlines by agents, according to this story on Newshub

Gordon told Newshub ""You never say never, because some things could change direction and you're put in that position. But we're not willingly going out there and trying to sell the Kings Arms - at all."

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