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Manuel Bundy (NZM)

Manuel Bundy. Photo: EJ Mathers

NZ Musician, October/November 2003 (Vol:11, No:2)
By Stephen Jewell

It seems fitting that the Manuel Bundy card should apparently be the most sought after of the 11 trading cards produced by Auckland label Sugarlicks to promote its recent 'Ultrasound' compilation. The veteran DJ has been a fixture on the New Zealand dance scene for nearly 20 years now. 

But while he has only released a couple of solo tunes, Bundy has contributed beats and scratches to numerous artists' albums including Nathan Haines' 'Shift Left', Mark de Clive-Lowe's 'Six Degrees', Nuvonesia's 'Island of Nuvonesia' and OMC'sHow Bizarre. He also toured the world with OMC in the mid '90s at the height of How Bizarre's chart-topping success.

What does your mother call you: Manuel Matisi.

Why did you chose your DJ name: Back in ‘88 (I think), I did a gig called The Terrordome with Sam Hill at the Siren in High St (later to be called Cause Celebre). We changed our last names to those of famous serial killers, and I ended up with (Ted) Bundy.

Age: 33 rpms.

Home city: Auckland.

How long have you been playing?: Since I was 16 years old.

Gear: Technics 1200s, Akai MPC 3000, a dodgy mixer and loads of vinyl.

Production credits?: Walls of Steel by Ermehn and tha FeelStyle, Subcranium Feeling by King Kapisi, co-produced with Kapisi and Submariner, b.Net NZ Remix of the Year 2002 for Che Fu’s Misty Frequencies and Solephonic Sauce, co-produced by Woodcut Crew.

Describe your style: Nice.

First time you played?: Party in South Auckland, 1986.

Best gig you’ve played?: Playing after Beck and Mario C, New Year’s Eve 1997 at Bondi Beach.

Tell us about your remix of One Million Dollar’s Get Off?: The remix came about when G (Gareth Farry from Sugarlicks) handed me a demo of the group. I liked one song in particular and asked G if I could do something with it.

Where can the peeps catch you regularly?: Turnaround at Galatos Basement, Breakdown at WBC and Saturday Love at Khuja.

Ambitions: Keep on movin’.

All time top five:
A Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory
Gangstarr – Daily Operation
Diamond D – Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop
Slum Village – Fantastic 2
D’angelo – Voodoo

Current favourites:
Straight Out of the Cat Litter – Compilation on Catskills Records
Terri Walker – Untitled (album)
Little Brother – The Listening
Ugly Duckling – Taste
The Secret Dwele – Subject

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