Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ring The Alarm playlist, June 18

The Jets - Crush on you (extended version)
Jonzun crew - Space is the place
Shara Nelson - Can't get over you
Jean Knight - Don't talk about Jody
Sister Love - Give me your love
Laura Lee - Crumbs off the table
Barbara Lynn - You're losing me
Darlene Love - Too late to say you're sorry
Joanie Sommers - Don't pity me
Shirley Ellis - Soul time
Betty LaVette - Doin the best I can (Walter Gibbons edit)
Bugz in the attic - Once twice

Tribute mix to DJ Big Matt, 9 years gone this week, RIP:
Desmond Dekker - The Israelites
Jackie Mittoo - Wall street
Sound dimension - Heavy rock
Dawn Penn - You don't love me (no no no)
Johnny Osbourne  - Truth and rights
Brentford allstars - Greedy G
Aim - Just passing thru
Ballistic Bros -Prophecy reveal
Nightmares on wax - Flip your lid
Dandy Livingstone and Rico - Rudy a message to you
Lightning head - Second line stomp

Treva Whateva - Singalong
Bill Withers - You
GC Cameron - You are that special one
Sylvia and the Moments - Sho nuff boogie
Amnesty - Trouble will remain (Truth and Soul remix)
Opensouls - Falling in

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