Thursday, May 19, 2016

Help NZ Musician magazine’s online future

"NZ Musician is celebrating this NZ Music Month with a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the magazine’s new website.

NZM editor Richard Thorne describes it as the 27-year old magazine’s most important re-invention yet – developing an exciting new online presence in combination with ensuring future accessibility to the mag’s valuable archive of our music industry’s recent history. first went online in the mid 1990s. The last major website build included uploading most of NZM’s artist features and wider industry news dating back to 2000, an ever-growing archive that’s a rich resource for research into pretty much any aspect of Aotearoa’s popular music industry.

“After close on three decades in print, and two decades online, we are completely reshaping, redesigning and reinventing in a way that will propel the magazine/website into the future.

"Some of the aspects that particularly excite us are the opportunities to include lots more music and video content, and to work more closely in the future with others passionate about championing local music, organisations like IMNZ and the various student radio stations.”

The NZ Musician website crowdfunding goal is just $10,000 – and halfway through the campaign half of that figure has already been pledged.

“The new site will provide a much enhanced, responsive version of the support for budding and established local musicians always has. Information, artist features, industry news, interviews, reviews, opinions, music, videos, education, instruments, directories, podcasts, apps, blogs, discussions, playlists…”

The bi-monthly magazine will this year reach issue number 170. Multiply that by the ten or more acts featured in each issue and NZM hopes that it shouldn’t be too hard for their $10,000 crowdfunding target to be reached by May 31, the end of NZ Music Month.

If you want to help them out, go to

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