Monday, April 25, 2016

New pressing plant opening in Adelaide

Roundabout's cutting lathe. Photo: CityMag

Adelaide studio Roundabout has managed to score an ex HMV NZ cutting lathe... shame it didn't get to stay in NZ...

Via CityMag: "... The Roundabout recording studio is home to a 1950’s Neumann AM-32 cutting lathe from New Zealand’s old HMV Studios. The last surviving device of its kind, it’s basically the unicorn of record cutting. Vinyl revivalists went into a spin the minute it hit The Secret Society of Lathe Trolls last year. Due purely to proximity, Colin came up trumps.

“I was the first one to get to Auckland,” he says. “A guy jumped on a plane in Germany that night, and a guy jumped on a plane in America that night, and just because I got there first, I was pretty lucky.”

Roundabout are getting ready to set up shop pressing runs of 100-1000 records for local artists, with recording and mastering also offered in-house.

ADDED: From the NZ owner: " I own a Neumann AM32 (circa 1957) cutting lathe that I inherited from my father. It has been in the family since the mid-60's and has been very well cared for.

Since moving it to Auckland in 2002, we did a few test cuts on the machine to ensure it was all working.
I then had to move it into safe storage whilst my work took me overseas. Unfortunately I am never going to get the opportunity to use it again, so I am looking to sell it to a caring new owner.

It has a Grampian Mono cutter head powered by a Philips 80w amp.
I really don't know too many of the other spec's other than it is complete and was working well last time we fired it up." 

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