Friday, November 06, 2015

Benjamin drop new album on Cherries Records

"BENJAMIN steps forth with a deep and introspective take on life and love on their first official full-length album for Cherries. With the leading single 'Those Memories' released on 7” vinyl back in June, Benjamin set the stage for their brand of soulful, melodic funk. 

‘Hello’, the introduction into the world of BENJAMIN, starts the album and also sets the tone for this unique and timeless album. 'I Almost Lost My Faith In Love', a live, uptempo disco-esque funk jam is sure to ignite dance floors and please fans of 70’s style and modern funksters alike.

'This Time' appears in its original version, a more raw vocal & guitar heavy take. Benjamin’s musical diversity and range is shown with 'Closer', a beautiful ballad with a slick, swelling synthesizer line and a hard drum machine pattern that will be sure to resonate with boogie & modern soul lovers. 'N-E-E-D-L-O-V-E', is an electro funk jam of the highest caliber. 

With a retro drum machine, a few synthesizers and a grand piano, Benjamin leaves you with an 80s inspired electro beat, but with a deep and inspiring worldly message. The finale ‘Arriving’ is a growing and building modern funk instrumental that ebbs and flows. 

It slinks along through your ears and into the future, giving us a feeling that this is just the beginning, and we are all “arriving” into a new place, a new time, and a brand new sound for Cherries and the world alike."

Out Nov 13 on Cherries Records 

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