Friday, October 30, 2015

Ziga Murko - some jazzy bizznizz

"Over the last few years, the self-confessed jazz cat Žiga Murko has been making moves for a minute. He made his name as a trombonist who led his own jazz bands and collaborated with jazz legends.

But in recently his focus changed and he started tapping lo-fi, lo-down, slow and gritty beats. In the short period of two years he's appeared on micro-labels from Anchorage to Slovenia and back to LA, Munich and Canada and created an impressive collection of EPs and (mini) albums.

A lo-fi hip hop record, full of noise and distortion of magnetic tapes and dusty record needles. The EP is a jazz musician's homage to (and an archaeology of) the slow soul jam era of the 70s and 80s. At the same time it is also an anachronistic production tools workout and a jazzy tribute (co)created with VCRs, cassette decks and MPCs." 

Glow is available in a 4-track 7'' vinyl option (rxtxv005) and in an extended digital format (EP) (rxtxv005d).

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