Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mo Kolours - Foundation

Via One Handed Music: "During a recent show in London Mo Kolours debuted a new tune he was working on. The crowd instantly started singing it back to him, and after the music stopped we had an impromptu call-and-response session. It was one of those unexpected magic moments that live music can bring.

This week we released that song. It's called 'Foundation'.

I'll let my favourite music blog, Passion of the Weiss, describe the music: 'Foundation is a particularly dubby number, slicing together xylophones, yardman vocals and polyrhythms to drop you smack dab in the middle of the world’s rawest Nyabinghi jam. Those of us who miss the days when Madlib dropped a mixtape a month would do well to get familiar, this is the genuine article.' Can't say any more than that."

Texture like sun, the second album from Mo Kolours, is out October 30, check Bandcamp.

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