Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Terence Hogan - rock n roll graphics 1979-81

Terence Hogan posters and record covers, from his site.

There's a cool exhibition of album and poster art from the 70s and 80s by Terence Hogan, on now at the Auckland Central Library in Lorne St, til July 12.

Hogan designed covers for Toy Love, Screaming Meemees, Techtones and the iconic AK79 compilation album.

Hogan wrote a little background to the show on his site - he started working in the warehouse packing orders at WEA Records in Federal St in the mid-70s, then got into promotion and design... 

"...I think it was Simon Grigg who first asked me to do a poster, for one of his State Theatre concerts featuring Johnny and the Hookers and Toy Love, a band I was becoming closely involved with. I used a collage I’d done a few months earlier, people seemed to like it and I got asked to do another one.

Over the next couple of years I worked on a number of street posters and record covers, mainly for Simon’s Propeller label and Bryan Staff’s Ripper Records.

A selection of these pieces form the bulk of this show, along with some related work from my time with WEA, who had unknowingly made a major contribution through the company’s account at a bromide studio across town.

It was all done on a fast and friendly basis and the results were mixed, but with a few things that really worked and still surprise me a little, knowing the circumstances under which they were done..."

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