Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Souleance newie coming

Cool new biz from Souleance (Soulist + Fulgeance)....

via First Word Records: “At this time of year we’re all looking for those tracks to set alight the parties, festivals and beaches of the (northern) summer season. Last year Souleance’s ‘Jogar’ EP filled that gap, this time around they have delivered once again with the addictive, brassy bounce of ‘Secoue’.

Taking their influence from the Haitian style of meringue known as Compa, Fulgeance and Soulist have crafted an instant dancefloor bomb. ‘Secoue’ translates to ‘Shake’ which is about as appropriate a title as you’re going to get.”

Preview off their upcoming Tartare EP dropping in October.

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