Friday, June 26, 2015

Frightnrs x Lord Echo at Daptone

Lord Echo and the Frightners, outside Daptone
Lord Echo with the Frightnrs recording crew, outside Daptone. Pic: Lord Echo

Our own Lord Echo (aka Mike Fabulous from the Black Seeds) has been posting heaps of short videos on his Instagram of the great new reggae-disco songs he's been writing in his studio recently. Go have a listen.

After putting down ideas for 35 new tracks, he's taking a break, and has flown off to New York, to work with a band called the Frightnrs, working as guitarist on their next recording at the legendary Daptone Studio.

The band's latest single is a cover of I'd rather go blind, out on Daptone on June 30.

Fleamarket Funk says " Hailing from Queens, NY, The Frightnrs lay down a beautiful version of the Etta James classic. If you can’t get down with this 45, well people, put it back on again because it’s damn near perfection. A cover like this done in a reggae style is exactly what we want here at FleaMarket Funk.

If you didn’t see the label or know that Daptone was involved, you could swear it was some white label Coxsone or Studio One on the wall at Deadly Dragon for most of your week’s wages. It’s not the first time the label has dabbled in some reggae, or the first time they have got with top notch producer Vincent “Ticklah” Axelrod, who also blesses us with a version on the flip in true JA style.

We can’t cosign this record enough. Do we see more reggae records coming out of the House of Soul? We sure hope so. Originally available in a clear orange vinyl (which sold out fast of course), you can only get this record on a Daptone imprint."

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