Monday, June 22, 2015

Benjamin - new single

The latest fab release from Chicago-founded label Cherries Records is the duo Benjamin, who dropped one of the label's first releases, back in early 2013. Cherries has focused on putting out great modern funk/r&b/boogie, from the likes of  Doug Shorts (Masterplan), Cermakk, the Social Lovers, mainly on vinyl 45s.

"BENJAMIN comes back full force with two back-to-back modern soul burners. Side A, ‘Those Memories (Sneak Up On Me)’ is a mid-tempo live funk track, originally created for the infamous Toulouse Soul Club party in southern France.

With a driving guitar/bassline combo, slinking funky drums and swelling synth lines, BENJAMIN encourages you to leave the past behind, never looking into the “rear view” mirror of love. On the B side, Cherries’ co-founder, DJ Shred One, serves up a stripped down extended edit version of ‘This Time’. 

Deeply influenced by the Chicago “steppers” sound, ‘This Time’ is a smooth and sultry quiet stormer, custom made for those who like their dance music sexy, sophisticated, cold and grown. It is the perfect 45 for the cool out hour, when it’s the lovers’ turn to take over the dancefloor."

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