Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mo Kolours - name your price EP

From One Handed Music: "Mo Kolours' How I (Rhythm Love Affair) is out now and ready for you to download. It's free but you can pay if you choose to. We greatly appreciate it when you do.

"How I (Rhythm Love Affair) showcases the Anglo-Mauritian producer’s addictive hooks, dub-influenced production style and skill as a percussionist. Mo Kolours focuses on developing his own strand of dance music over the first three tracks of this release, all naggingly catchy and slightly disorientating. Fans of Theo Parrish and Four Tet might find much to love here.

"We have just a handful of 12"s left here. It'll be in the shops in the next week or so. There are two bonus beats and it would be fair to let you know that they are absolute fire (we were just scared of the samples). You can hear them on Soundcloud."

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