Thursday, February 26, 2015

Car Crash Set - Fall from grace

New video for 80s NZ electronica act Car Crash Set...

German label Anna Logue Records did a fantastic vinyl reissue of Car Crash Set back in 2008 - they are planning a 2nd edition of this release, on ltd edition clear vinyl, and also a CD with bonus tracks including early demos that even the band don't remember, apparently. Due out later this year.

From Anna Logue Records: "CAR CRASH SET were one of the very few electropop acts coming out of New Zealand and have released several vinyls nationally between 1983 and 1986. Basically, the CAR CRASH SET consisted of synthesists/composers David Bulog and Nigel Russell and guitarist/producer Trevor Reekie, and was formed in late 1981 [later expanded to include Trevor Reekie on guitar, and a full live band].

They created such outstanding electropop songs with a Roland TR-606/808 and such lovely sequencing, - e.g. “Fall from Grace” is definitely a song that Anna will take with her into her grave – that it is indeed a shame that they didn't receive more attention.

Anyway, their 1983 12” ‘Two Songs’ (including “Outsider” and “Fall from Grace”) and the V/A ‘We’ll do our best’ LP (including CAR CRASH SET’s “Toys”) are at least highly collectible items amongst electropop connoisseurs and many people will be happy to see these tracks being available again as well as four previously unavailable demos from both their earliest and later days.

David and Nigel were said to be recording again together with only the original Roland gear (“nothing else will do” as David says): TR-606, Jupiter-4, MC-4, System 100m modular and System 104 sequencer as well as Nigel’s Korg MS20… oh well, Anna is prepared!"

LP features: 2nd edition vinyl, limited edition of 210 copies, 180 grams clear vinyl, CD with bonus tracks. CD features: limited edition of 500 copies, bonus tracks.

MORE: via Audioculture... Q&A with Car Crash Set’s Nigel Russell, Trevor Reekie & David Bulog
love the story about Car Crash Set supporting UK band Shriekback, then inviting them back to Mandrill studio to help out on a CCS recording, that never got released at the time... listen to that song over at Amplifier...
Car Crash Set LP reissue
Car Crash Set, LP reissue

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