Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Laneway Akld 2015 review: Or I instagrammed the crap outta Laneway

Princess Chelsea, Cigarette duet.... with Jonathan Bree. She closed with two news songs off her 2nd album, out April,  sounded great

Heavenly cold treat from Lucky Taco. So nice, I had it twice.

Leather pants and fur. Rock dude is rocking.

Vic Mensa, in a Never mind the bollocks tee, hyped the crowd something crazy mid arvo, he even stage dived/crowd surfed.

Thunderdome stage. Boxy stage is boxy

Two dudes really getting into Future Islands, who were very groovy

Little Dragon, big highlight of the day for me

Little Dragon, at sunset. Lost my mind when they played Klapp Klapp, and their closing number even had a sneaky musical reference to the moog jam Popcorn. So great!

Silos lit up. Pretty concrete

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