Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vinyl comeback, #266

Photo: ABC13

Vinyl records make a comeback - The Creightonian...
"... So why has vinyl experienced a resurgence of popularity in recent years? Simply put, there is more opportunity for cultural meaning in the music..."

Vinyl Comes Back From Near-Extinction - Jewish Business News

Inside the vinyl revival: Facts, fiction and rock 'n' roll - The Oregonian...

"... United’s Jay Millar told Billboard this year that they'd made an effort to make sure indies made their Record Store Day target.

"I wasn't aware of any indies that failed to meet the Record Store Day deadline, but I was aware of major label stuff that didn't make the deadline," he said, adding that the company has been on its round-the-clock schedule for two years. "It has gotten to the point where there really is no slow time. It's year-round."

It seems everyone is operating on a longer calendar, which complicates album releases as bands navigate digital and physical street dates and grapple with fan expectations. And with its twice-a-year schedule, Record Store Day is never far off.

"I was at the Warner Bros. Music offices and one of the guys there, he just got back from Amsterdam to check out pressing plants," Currier said. "He was running into the wall here in getting everything manufactured in a timely method. He's already putting things into manufacturing for April for Record Store Day."

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