Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Stinky Jim: Stenchmeister lets rip!

Photo: NZHerald

There's a great piece on the NZ Herald online by Paul Casserly, talking to longstanding and highly respected BFM DJ Stinky Jim, well worth a read. I discovered his first musical love was for the bagpipes. What do you know.

" ... Next year marks a quarter century of this glorious "spinning of solid hooha".

The radio studio is a holy place for Jim, and younger DJs have entered at their peril.

Visitors are not encouraged. It's Jim, the music and the listener; everyone else would be wise to keep away. The suggestion that he has instilled the fear of god into generation of bFM DJs makes him laugh, he has, I suggest, a rep as a curmudgeon. 

"I am! And I wear that badge with pride. I never stab people in the back, I stab people in the front. I love this country but there's a politeness that's beautiful but it stops getting things done, if you say you're passionate, you have to be passionate." And, overused and abused as it is, the word "passionate" is apt for the 24 and half years of "luxurious lughole love" that Jim has been serving us.

Has it ever been a chore I ask? Hoping for a curmudgeonly whining-pom response. "Today I've gone through 300 to 400 tunes for tonight's show, it's down to about 120 now. I'll still be adding stuff at 8pm, listening to all that music, how could that be a chore? It's a privilege."

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