Saturday, October 18, 2014

John Gibbs + steel drums x Lord Echo

I've been hunting down a copy of this record for a little while now... a very cool steel drum tune done in 1979 by a US artist, released on a Japanese label, pressed in Germany, with a re-edit by Lord Echo, a cat from my own country, New Zealand. Catch is this record is impossible to find here, so I ordered it from the US. Totally worth the wait.

Originally released as John Gibbs and The Jam Band, this reissue pulls in a previously unreleased version, PLUS Lord Echo gives it a groovy swing on the re-edit.

Even better news, Em Records will be reissuing 'Steel Funk' in mid November... it's a fantastic album from John Gibbs and the Unlimited Sound of Steel Orchestra, which I am lucky enough to have on vinyl, thanks to some generous folk who gifted me a copy - thanks Jeff and Lisa From Down The Road!

"EM Records proudly announces a new addition to our 'EM Steel Pan Series', a project long in gestation, John Gibbs and the Unlimited Sound of Steel Orchestra. It's official, and of course it's excellent.

We are preparing to release their fine 1977 album "Steel Funk" on CD/LP/digital this fall, and as an appetizer we will issue two 12" singles ahead of the album:

"J'Ouvert" is a non-album track which was originally recorded and released in 1979 as a 12" single, in co-operation with legendary Philly Soul producer Louis Anthony deLise.

This EM1129TEP version is, surprisingly, a previously unissued original version that was held in the vaults by the artist for 35 years, after the 'remixed' 12" version was released in 1979. This original version is some two minutes longer than the 1979 12" and the pitch and mix are quite different from the 1979 version. Transferred from the original master tape and newly mastered. A great-sounding release!

LORD ECHO, a rising star from New Zealand, re-edited this classic with deep respect for the original, featuring his trademark cutting guitar playing. This is Echo's first remix/re-edit work for another artist. Both tracks are NOT on the upcoming EM Records album "Steel Funk".

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