Monday, October 13, 2014

Grant Phabao reggae reworks, check em

"Fifth in the series of 'Reggae Reworks', 'Sisters Of Soul' gathers four Grant Phabao reggae & ska remixes from the Paris DJs 'Virtual Releases' podcast, featuring a quatuor of fantastic ladies of soul from today: Dionne Charles, Josa Peit, Selah Sue and Laura Vane.

The 'Baby Charles' album released in march 2008 on the Italian Record Kicks label hasn't aged much since its release. Featuring the vocal prowess of Brighton-based soul singstress Dionne Charles, this LP was one of the highlights of 2008, alas the follow-up never happened and the band split.

If Dionne has been spotted since then on some records by The New Mastersounds, Beta Hector, Black Grass, Soopasool, Milano Jazz Dance Combo or Wax Tailor, her first solo album is still expected to happen… Meanwhile here's a soulful ska dressing of a tune from that first Baby Charles album, 'Hardman To Please', only available until now as a free 128k MP3 through Paris DJs, and finally liberated here in lossless format."

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