Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Manufacturers struggle to keep up with vinyl revival

photo: United Record Pressing

The Independent report that "Manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the resurgence in vinyl records."
They say that turnaround for getting a record pressed is now three months. That sounds optimistic.

"... The world's largest vinyl producer, GZ in the Czech Republic, reported its busiest-ever day this year, pressing 42,000 in a day in February. The company has recently bought six ageing machines in an attempt to increase production, but is reportedly unlikely to get more than half working ...

...But the labels are facing a constant conundrum. “Do they press more than they originally need as it would take time to get a second run,” asks Record Store Day organiser Spencer Hickman. “Or risk it selling out, waiting two months for more and the interest waning? If you’re sending a band out on tour, timings are crucial.

“The problem is everyone wants colour, picture or splatter vinyl and it’s very time consuming to make."

I covered this a few months back, when local label Fishrider Records noted that vinyl pressing was now taking them 5 months, from UK/Europe pressing plants.

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