Friday, September 26, 2014

Bearded Beats Vol 2, check it out

5 Finger Discount Records dropped their debut release, Bearded Beats Vol 1 back in May. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute a track, and now, they're back with the latest instalment, featuring HazBeats (Homebrew/Team Dynamite), B Haru (Ladi6/@peace), ChoiceVaughn, SFT, Morning Steppa, plus recent visitor to our shores, Tall Black Guy. It's a cool,collection of funky beats.

Listen below. My track is under the name Kilodee - I want sushi and free wifi. 

Name you price... "100% of all profits made in the first 3 months will be distributed to the people who made these tracks, so if you enjoy it please support them! "

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