Tuesday, August 26, 2014

@Peace disturb the peace

A few weeks ago, I posted a piece on the controversy around Darren Watson's song Planet Key. When I posted that item on Twitter, Tom Scott of @Peace/Homebrew replied, saying he'd done a song called Kill The PM, and was thinking of releasing it. He recorded the song a few years ago, he says. Not the first time Scott has been outspoken on the PM - remember when they got censored during their music awards performance?

Turns out he did, on August 21, under the @Peace moniker, and now it's hitting the headlines. Several news outlets apparently incorrectly reported the song was funded by NZ On Air - while @Peace did get funding last month, that was for another song, Gravity.

The Dominion Post reports that "Kill the PM, which is available for download, is also being hosted on Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom's file-sharing site Mega."

Dotcom said Twitter "For the record: A song about killing John Key is a SHIT song and unlawful too. Please report #Mega links to our takedown team."

Tom Scott's response: "1st you made a fortune selling other people's ideas. Then you steal our tour campaign & chant. It ain't sposta be a concerto bruv."

Scott has responded to the outrage with this on FB:

"Now that I have your attention, may I remind you that 130,000 ELIGIBLE PEOPLE UNDER 25 HAVE NOT YET ENROLLED.

The current PM does not care about these people. He does not care about the growing gap between the rich and the poor in our country. He does not care about the native people of our country. He does not care about the planet we depend upon to survive, the living organism that we as humans are a functioning part of. He does not care about the right we should all have to an education. He only cares about him and his friends.

I do not want to literally kill this man. I do not wish to have sexual relations with anybody related to him. Let's not pretend a silly little song ever changed anything. Last I seen famine was still going pretty strong since 'Heal The World' came out. It's just a song. No different from Thatcher era punk. Anyone ever heard "Maggie you're a c#nt"..?

What's important is that we ENROL TO VOTE so that we have a chance to select someone to represent us who understands the concept of empathy.

I'm fed up with this dude. But if you want to vote for him, that's your choice. Personally, I'm voting Greens but you can vote for whoever you like. You can choose between a whole bunch of different people who represent a whole bunch of different ideologies. That's the beauty of the political system in NZ.

Please respect my right to express my disappointment for the leader of our country.

ENROL http://www.elections.org.nz/voters/enrol-check-or-update-now " 

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