Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vinyl revival: Philippines edition

From BusinessWorld, Manila: From vinyl survival to vinyl revival.

" ...Why should a young person brought up on Spotify and Pandora and accustomed to wearing headphones everywhere want to go back to analog? It’s certainly not because of convenience - as we have already seen, records don’t travel well, and they are a pain to store and keep clean. 

"They’re also expensive -- in the Philippines LPs cost thousands of pesos, as against P500 or so for a CD or about a dollar for a legal music download. Whatever factors are behind the revival, they aren’t likely to be economically rational.

So let’s speculate about what the irrational reasons might be. Nostalgia is one. The nostalgia business happens to be huge, and vinyl might just be riding that wave. A closely-related reason might be a search for “authenticity,” a preference for an age when musicians knew their craft and needed no digital aids. Yet another might be a desire for things that you can have and hold, a reaction to the intangibility of many digital products... "

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