Monday, July 21, 2014

Ogiyy: Nostalgia

Cascade say: Nostalgia is Ogiyy's new album for [northern] summer! Ogiyy is a beatmaker / DJ born in 1987. From Kyoto, Japan, Ogiyy started DJing at the age of 16. He started making music from the age of 18. He moved his base to Tokyo when he was 20. Rooted in the hiphop, beats, R&B and soul. He has been involved in Sonar Tokyo in 2013.

“I'm producing tracks based on hip-hop. And I consider I always want to update it. This album is inspired by soul, funk, r&b. And I made it up by my new interpretation. Have the funk and keep the beat alive, a tempo of real life !"

Out August 4 on cassette/digital thru Cascade Records

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