Wednesday, July 09, 2014

New Souleance ep

On Souleance, First Word say "Last year's 'Brotha EP' solidified the French duo's status as producers who know how to create dance floor dynamite. This time Soulist (DJ behind the legendary Paris party What The Funk?) and Fulgeance (Musique Large label boss & producer) have reached into the extensive Brasilian collection of Alice Dufay, the lady behind the fresh and distinctive artwork of all Souleance releases, to bring us the 'Jogar EP'. With the World Cup in full swing, the sounds of South America are a natural choice for summer 2014 and Souleance's offering is as funky as you'd expect.

'Segrados do Samba' is their take on the classic Samba rhythm with a gentle rolling break nuanced with percussive licks and subtle keys. 'Vem Jogar' adds some trademark Souleance synth bass to the party taking it into darker club territory whilst still retaining a summery lightness. 'Novo Mundo' rounds off the 7" with hip hop drums added to a lazy keys break and catchy vocal hook. 

The digital version of the EP comes with a bonus track 'Dum Dum' - imagine the soundtrack to a Sao Paulo carnival chopped and twisted through an MPC and you're halfway there!"

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