Friday, July 25, 2014

Nana Love - Disco Documentary Full Of Funk

Out August 11 on BBE, who say "Nana Love - A “Disco Documentary Full Of Funk” proves that it stands the test of time by sounding as fresh and original as any other sought-after Disco / Soul Funk LP from the West coast of Africa in the late 70s.

BBE went on another crate-digging journey and found the original producer Reindorf Nana Oppong and the original master tapes were dusted off, transferred to digital. In the process of this, even unreleased material was discovered on the tapes, which makes this a rather special package.

“Nana Love - Disco Documentary Full Of Funk” is one special journey through Afro Disco & Boogie in the late 70s, and we at BBE can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed."

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