Tuesday, July 08, 2014

King Kapisi vs L&P: TV ad, 1992 styles

King Kapisi, then known as Bran Muffin, with Mara Finau (The Holdaymakers) and friends, reworks a Dragon tune for L&P, singing on the steps at the bottom of St Kevins Arcade. Wonder who did the graff art behind them?

Kapisi says on Facebook that "This was the first Ad (in Aotearoa) me and my family Mara Finau, Martha and Sharon Samasoni was in back in the day....Brings back some awesome memories...We are all from Wellington...I remember when they flew us up to Auckland  and I was in awe cos Auckland was so big compared to Wellington.LOL..seems crazy now, as I've living here for yonks...

I remember having "Dreaded" my hair like Jazzy B from "Soul to SouL/UK and a Bro called Kos163 from back in Welli"..the top all used to be dreaded until i kept on shaving the back of my head* yes I cut my own hair back in the day*..and it all ended up being just being at the front cos the flat top ended up being just at the front of my head. LOL.*hair mistakes.hehe*.."

Kapisi says he still drinks L&P. Shot, son.

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Robyn Gallagher said...

I loved this series of ads because it was cool young New Zealanders artists performing New Zealand songs. I have searched my memory and I believe the other buskers were:

* Rumblefish covering "Be Mine Tonight"
* Nicole Matsuda covering "Blue Beat" (not online, but a video for the studio version is)
* Brainchilds (or some Janet Roddick project) covering "Counting the Beat"