Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vinyl is making a comeback #265

Latest installment in this never-ending good news story for the music industry, that the media love writing... bless em...

From La Crosse, Wisconsin... Vinyl records are making a comeback

Like all good stories on this topic, they start with a random statistic - vinyl sales are up 250% since 2002. Then there's the quote from a record store employee on how vinyl sounds warmer, then a quote from a young person discovering vinyl.

They do go to the length of illustrating the overall size of this revival to the industry, closing with this sentence: "The resurgence of the vinyl has only has a marginal effect on the music industry as a whole. In 2013, vinyl albums accounted for just 2% of total album sales in the US."

I've published this before, but it's worth revisiting... It's surprisingly simple to write a vinyl comeback story, here's how you do it in 4 easy steps...

The vinyl comeback story that writes itself

1. Find a young person to say something 'cool' about vinyl.

2. Quote some statistic on the increase in vinyl sales with absolutely no context for what that means for overall sales for the music industry

3. Find a handy local record shop with a crusty old owner who can talk about the joys of LPs and the tangible experience you don't get with MP3s. Also, get them to describe their clientele and how young they are these days.

4. Highlight that it' s not just vintage vinyl that is undergoing a resurgence, but new vinyl is being released too, from 'modern artists' like Adele and Justin Beiber.

AND YOU'RE DONE. Nice way to cover 'a passing fad', as one acquaintance put it recently.....

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