Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Panchasila - South American dub styles....

Very cool, dubbed out electronica/cumbia from a South American duo... free download via netlabel Test Tube, who say...

"Panchasila's story so far: two Buenos Aires friends team up for a musical journey taken in between cultural influences from South-American folk to southern Asian traditional music, all wrapped up in dub (of course).

They define themselves as 'proudly third world music' and their name was taken deliberately from the famous indonesian political movement, inspired by the Bandung Conference and its newly developed 'third world conscience'.

Musically it isn't very easy to define Panchasila past its obvious dub-flavored electronica. The music is heavily supported by sampling vinyl and mp3 from old and obscured folk records found all over the place, but also from synths and real instruments played by both musicians. Delay after added delay, the final result is a seductive yet inebriating mantra-like soundtrack."

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