Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aaron Tokona - part 6 - The Internet’s ‘Party Party’

Via Facebook, earlier today, I thought Aaron had wrapped this thing up, but he's decided there's more to tell... 

An Experience In Cosmic Narcissism Part 6 - The Internet’s ‘Party Party’

A personal account of working for ‘THE PHENOMENAL’

The Following is ‘The email’ i received from Tom Scott that ignited my rage about Mr Dot Com’s ‘Party Party’ he appears to be having with our country. There is not much in it as you can see:

“Young Gifted and Broke <> May 11
Hey Guys. I've been out of the loop with this all, but have just got an email from kimdotcoms people saying they're doing something pretty much exactly the same as what we're trying to do. Really feel like they've directly stolen this idea. Kind of sucks.”

This whole ‘RockEnrol’ thing had actually been in the making for along time. Tom Scott ignited it initially through his Young,Gifted and Broke Facebook page which drew a heel of a lot of interest up and down the country from a lot of very eager and enthusiastic people willing to get involved with the whole idea of positively influencing our younger Aotearoa crew to ‘Vote’. I talked to Tom a lot about this whole thing before he pressed the ‘Go’ button on it to let the hundred’s of people who were keen to try and get this thing off the ground the go ahead to engage. It took many shapes and sizes before it finally found its leader’s and formed its structure and the team that grew out of that went on to engage in its mission.

Tom was pissed and i flew into a Rage! I then started a series of FB rants about my personal experiences that i had working for this ‘’ fella. My whole concern about this ‘Internet Party’ Joke was that it immediately became obvious to me that these guys could now have a real opportunity to take part in the formation of a government that could have decision making powers to run our country and Why?- because it speaks directly to the potential Young Voter and Why? - because the future young generation of the world will come straight outta Cyber Space. My awareness of this felt clearly acute to me so i proceeded ahead with my personal account of a man that i worked for who to me was a guy who's intrinsic nature was deeply intrenched in what can only be described as ‘Narcissism’.

It feels like people are only really just starting to see a bit of this stuff now! I must say that it was a great sign of relief to me when Laila Harré was announced as its leader because i felt that she’s seems to be someone who couldn’t be pushed about by a narcissistic tyrant. I have no problem with people working towards making our country an even more awesome place than it already is, and some of the ‘Internet Party’ policies i quite like! My only real problem was ever to do with Kim Dot Com it still is, and it always will be. I’d really like to sit and chat with Kimmy again one day! I’d take the ‘Treaty of Waitangi’ along to the meeting and give it to him so he can wipe his ass on it!

Kim Dot Com has No friends in the NZ music industry. He buggered that up when he brought his way onto the Rhythm and Vines stage and bumped our ‘Shapeshifter’ brothers off there rightful headline spot last year which was a fucken disgrace. He then even tried to ‘buy’ my cuz *tiki* into his part of his show by trying to get him to sing one of his songs during his set!

Dot Com - “What’s it gonna take to get you to sing in my set tiki”?

*tiki* - “13 years”.

Fuck yeah bro …………………………..x

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