Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Quantic biz out now

Via TruThoughts: "After much anticipation, the already highly acclaimed album 'Magnetica' by Quantic, has finally been released worldwide, excluding the Americas who unfortunately have to hold on until 10th June - but can pre-order now.

 ‘Magnetica’ sees Quantic revisiting his electronic roots, blending cutting-edge and distinctive production with elements of folk, reggae, soul, highlife, cumbia and more.

Other featured guests on the album include Alice Russell, Shinehead, Nidia Gongora, Dereb The Ambassador, Thalma De Freitas and Anibal Velásquez; illuminating the sounds, styles and languages of Ethiopia, Jamaica, Brazil, the UK and beyond.

 The album can now be streamed publicly here, (excluding The Americas)...." but TruThoughts won't let me embed it, ugh...

Quantic says of the new album that "When I play music, whatever and wherever, I am celebrating it, not rebranding that music as my own. This is not mash-up, where it's just loops and sampling.

On this album I can say: 'Look, there are 12 people playing on this song, I've tracked down the right percussionist and it's an original composition. But I don't really buy the purist, Pete Seeger, Dylan-goes-electric debate about what is authentic. Everything is authentic. Folklore today is kids listening to mobile phones on the bus, or making beats with their PlayStations."

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