Monday, May 05, 2014

Bearded Beats Vol 1: Beardy & The Beats

So, I've been growing a beard for the past month solely so I could qualify to enter a track on this cool compilation put together by a few of my mates on BaseFM's 5 Finger Discount show, and now you get to hear it!

Bearded Beats Vol 1 is out now, my tune is under the name Kilodee... plus tunes from Hazbeats (Homebrew, Team Dynamite), B Haru (Ladi6), Miles Bonny and more... free DL

"In a worldwide society that focuses too much on our differences, we wanted to do something fun that brought people together through similarities. There was no set genre, no theme, and no pre-requisite to be well-known. ANY beatmaker ANYWHERE in the world (regardless of experience and with any length beard - from scratchy new growth to full and luxurious) was welcome to participate. Anyone could get on the album, they just needed a beat and a beard.

"Lucky for us, we got some of our most favorite people from around the world. We cannot thank these bearded talents enough for lending their skills to our little project, especially when they grew their beards specifically for this. YOU ARE AMAZING, THANK YOU! Also thanks to Jaze Baqti for telling me it was a good idea, and to the wonderful Mr Dylan C for the great album names!

"No matter what language you speak, music is universal. Please follow and support the artists you like and let them know that they have your ears! Much Respect ... 5 Finger Discount Records"

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