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Aaron Tokona on Kim Dotcom, PT II

Aaron Tokona has posted pt II this morning. Following on from Part I, read that here...

"Good morning Aotearoa i hope everyone slept soundly, ready for the day ahead and is wide AWAKE. Its been a harrowing week thus far for me indeed and again i would like to thank all of your messages of Love and Support for taking up the flame against this Megalomanic who currently is enjoying his democratic rights to piss all over the country my Tipuna discovered and that we now all get to Love as brothers and sister together.

I would like to publicly apologise to the media of our country, because yelling at people to hurry up and and use there privileged positions to help this hori cause of mine is not the way to make friends in life and i apologise for my silly little outburst the other day. Because the freedom of speech i have is the same freedom of speech the media also have, and the freedom's we take for granted at times deserve Respect and Gratitude in the spirit of all of the democratic rights we all cherish together. 

I would also like to Publicly apologise to Mikee Tucker. Because aside from whatever my personal challenges have been with Mikee, Mikee Tucker and Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa has made a lifetimes contribution to Kiwi Music and a lot of the artists on his label are my friends whom i love dearly. And besides that. Mikee is doing exactly what i did. He is working to support a family and there is nothing wrong with everything that is right about that.

In case anyone out there is confused about what i am doing here. i would like to emphatically and compassionately say this.

There is a very real opportunity that a man i worked for has the very real potential to take part in the decision's to run my country. And if you think my observation of this is ludicrous well then how the hell did the 'Internet Party' manage to get this far? There was a massive demographic of young people that did not vote last time round! and that is there freedom of choice to enjoy. 

But in a current political environment that offers very little choices to all of us presently. Who do you think these young people might possibly vote for now? Kim Dot Com quite clearly speaks directly to this demographic, and so now suddenly there is a choice for this demographic to possibly vote for. And for the Love of everything that any one in our country believes in. I have to stand up and say that 'THIS CANNOT HAPPEN'.

So i present to you all here an account of an experience i had with KDC.And I will put my hand on the bible or any holy book of truth in any house of law to say that - I swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

and on a side note. I got a txt yesterday from a friend (and i have a lot of very cool friends) that apparently my name has popped up on the 9th floor of parliament and someone there has referred to me me as a "whale oil feeder" and thank god for that!


An Experience In Cosmic Narcissism Part 2

A personal account of working for ‘THE PHENOMENAL’

That first day on was AWESOME AMAZING and PHENOMENAL to say the least. There was a lot of hype in the studio that night and by the time i got back to the hotel i was in that classic state that most muso types struggle with as the night felt like it took the night off and the next day was fast approaching. I was physically, emotionally and very mentally exhausted and yet wide awake or otherwise in a state i often refer to as ‘wired and tired’. 

Like most kiwis at the time I was a fan of Kim’s because he was the guy who had shaken the foundations of the National Government, the police, the FBI and presumably the Whitehouse after the botched raid of a mansion he rents and lucky for us was not allowed to purchase. But most of all i was personally a KDC fan because this was the guy that managed to single handedly freak the living hell out of our present prime minister the Right Honourable John Key and his sidekick buddy the Left Honourable John Banks.

In one foul swoop Kim’s Dot managed to Com-pletely wipe those smugly smiles right off of their smug little faces, which was an honourable little moment for us to all enjoy, even if it only lasted a few days. I liked and admired Kim Dot-Com because he seemed a beacon of hope, a modern-day post-Nazi, German Robin Techno-Hood. 

God knows what Euro-Sumo wrester could be his Friar Tuck in the mega-movie of the mega-star of international internet gluttony. Except Robin Hood robed from the rich and gave to the poor, he didn't rod everyone then give the money to himself to create a deluded reality of opulence and gluttony to then re- package and re-sell to all of us as an example of the sole goal of life otherwise known in the western world as - Success!

I noticed very early on in the piece how the construct of KimDot’s universe seemed to be missing some very vital elements in it to keep it all ticking along but i still couldn't work out what that was because my ego was wholly lost in the adulation of my new best friend and current employers appreciation towards my skill’s and upon KDC arrival to the studio that day i was embraced heartily and felt very welcomed into my new found family that would start to feel like a cult of some kind sooner then i could have expected. 

This left me in a state of feeling very eager to please the man that sat at the head of the table of the universe he controlled and maintained who is known to most as Kim Dot Com but known unto himself as G.O.D. So receiving the embrace from a benevolent King Canute who once controlled five per cent of all Internet traffic world-wide.You can only imagine how this made me feel, which was quite obviously ………………….. PHENOMENAL.

So i guess like any other average healthy human homosapien man ape, i was pretty wrapped up in all that ego crap, and very happy at the fact that the fan in me found a fan in him. The feeling that maybe he was the Sheriff of Nottingham dressed up as Friar Tuck. Made me feel like i was always auditioning for a part in some kind of Mega Movie or living in a reality show when the film crew turned up at 1-2am in the morning! 

And all of a sudden i had my Blue sunny’s on, and a scarf wrapped around my head in case my hori brain happened to explode everywhere, because outta know-where at an ungodly hour in the ‘am’ i found myself shooting a music video in Studio ‘A’ to the music i contributed to in the previous many hours before with one of the other american songwriters on the team with a full film crew who were obviously ready and waiting for GOD to ring them all into the studio somewhere between 1-2 ‘AM’ in the morning.

This was now feeling quite bizarre to me. But it was more bizarre at the fact that i seemed to be the only one present that noticed the bizarreness of the current moment. I had to re-check that i was still in Aotearoa because for a minute there i thought i might be on the set of The Hobbit! and besides………I don't remember signing up for a music video, but i gathered myself and got on with whatever i think i signed up for with the only thought that was helping me at this time of the morning. And that was i was getting very well remunerated for apart in someone’s Mega reality show, and with the thought of my family at home and my committed responsibilities to contribute to the things i love, i got on with the circus show unfolding in front of me.

End of Part 2."

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