Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Amalia and the Social Lovers newie

Out April 29 on 7"vinyl/digital on Cherries Records, very cool slice of modern boogie funk.

"For their 7th release, Cherries brings a different sound to your speakers, created by the return of ‘the first lady of modern funk’ AMALIA, in collaboration with a new group, straight out of the West Coast underground, SOCIAL LOVERS.

With this release, the Social Lovers sound takes you downstairs to the basement after-hours party, where people dance close into the wee hours of the night.

The A-Side, ‘So Right (feat. AMALIA)’ leads off with an enchanting arpeggiation, while the synth and drums connect with AMALIA’s spacey and soulful vocals to create a lush, warm pillow of funk to your ear drums. AMALIA waxes deep on a lover who is the perfect one, but soon becomes the wrong one, a melodic reminder that we are all looking for something real.

‘Call Me Up’, the B-Side brings Cherries closer to its Chicago roots with an instrumental, soulful house inspired tune, full of percussion and natural ebbs and flows of synth chords and strong melody. Social Lovers’ lush and polished production is showcased here with a brief taste of the smooth street soul sounds that the collective five thrives on, to keep you dancing in the basement ‘til the break of dawn."

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