Monday, March 24, 2014

Questlove loves lists

Questlove. Photo: Wired.
Drummer (The Roots) /DJ/music fanatic Questlove Thompson has dropped a ton of music lists for Wired, for a feature called "WIRED’s Guide to Music in 2014".

"OK, you’ve got 20 million songs in your pocket. Now what? With endless choice comes a serious challenge: cutting through all that noise to find the next song that will change your life. In this era, the real rock star are the curators—the people, tools, and algorithms that bring you the music you’ll love. With the help of special guest DJ Questlove, we’ve assembled the ultimate guide to discovering the ultimate tracks (including Questo’s personal favorites).Your perfect playlist awaits."

Wired also interviewed Questlove, got some cool stories out of him, watch below...

On record shopping...

On Technology killing (and creating) the DJ star...

Questlove talks about going out to DJ gigs with a 2 TB hard drive full of music, and sometimes he comes across a DJ who has opened for him who asks him what a song was, going "that was incredible, where did you get that from?" and Questlove says okay, I'm not selfish - you got 45 minutes give me your hard drive (and lets that kid have his music collection), and he says "I feel that the new version of that is each one, teach one - spread it around, so that it lasts forever..."

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