Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kiwi electro, 1984 flashback

IQU were a studio outfit who released a very cool EP in 1984, on Jayrem Records. The three track ep, is driven by the funky bass of Ryan Monga,with his wife Bettyanne (both of the South Auckland club band Ardijah) holding down the vocals.

I've never seen this video before - it looks like one of those fascinating videos that state TV used to make in-studio before the arrival of NZ On Air-funded music videos in 1991.

The most popular song off the EP was the title tune, Witchcraft, which used to get a lot of airplay on Radio 95BFM, back in the day, due to a few band members having DJ connections to the station, if I recall correctly.

Band members listed on the cover; Betty Monga, Paul Agar - vocals; Jon Lowther - keyboards; David Meech  -Guitar; Ryan Monga - Bass; Robert Mayo - Drums; Percussion - Jay Foulkes. Engineered by Mike Farmer, produced by Paul Crowther and ICQ. Recorded at Echo Park Studio, winter 84. Digitally mastered. ICQ Organisation: J Lowther, R Mayo, A Lamont.

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