Saturday, February 08, 2014

Raggamuffin may move after poor turnout

Rotorua Daily Post reports that Raggmuffin fans in Rotorua have started a Facebook page to keep the festival in their town, in response "to an article in the Rotorua Daily Post earlier this week about organisers having doubts as to whether Raggamuffin will return to Rotorua following a poor turnout at the festival.

Organisers have now said if the event stays in Rotorua, it's likely to have fewer artists, be over one day and could possibly have cheaper tickets for locals.

About 19,000 people attended the festival at the Rotorua International Stadium last weekend, a 30 per cent drop from last year.

The turnout prompted organisers to reconsider the contract that would see Rotorua host the event for another year."

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