Monday, January 13, 2014

Sharon Jones live clips

Two live clips on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from Sharon Jones and the Dapkings, taken off their new album Give the people what they want, out this Tuesday.  Above video is for the song Retreat, which has a great animated video for it. Sharon sat in the previous night with The Roots, watch that here (US-only).

The clip below - for Stranger to my happiness - also has a brand new music video, but unfortunately someone dropped the ball and it was initially only viewable in the US, via Vevo. HUGE disappointment for your on-US fans, Dapkings. Several days later it's now freely available on Youtube.

I know there's probably sound financial reasons for doing it exclusively thru Vevo, and making it US-only. But it defeats the whole idea of people sharing music they love, which is one of the great things about social media. Making it hard for fans to get at your music is frustrating.

I recently had a similar battle, trying to find somewhere to buy an MP3 off Caramel, the new album from expat NZer Connan Mockasin. The album is released thru UK/US labels, and you can buy the CD and the vinyl (with download code) in NZ record shops easily. But digital? 

I checked  and found iTunes NZ,, Juno Download, Bandcamp, and Beatport didn't have the MP3s available for NZ. I tried buying the MP3s off the US label's site, that didn't work either. I ended up buying it off We're talking about an album that's been out since early November. The label hasn't even got it on Bandcamp. I know it's not the artist's responsibility for this stuff, but it is dead easy to make your music available ANYWHERE. If I can't easily buy your music, I will forget about you. That reflects negatively on the artist - no one blames the label for this sort of mess. 

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