Monday, January 27, 2014

Lorde wins two Grammys, NZ goes nuts

Lorde has won two of the four Grammys she nominated for at the awards in Los Angeles. Congrats! NZ is going nuts right now. It's a nice change from sporting-induced madness.

She won the award for best pop solo performance, and for Song of the year (with Joel Little). She missed out on Record of the Year, which was won by Daft Punk, and Best Pop Vocal Album award, which went to Bruno Mars for his album Unorthodox Jukebox. More at NZHerald.

Watch John Campbell interview Lorde's co-writer Joel Little, after the awards.

Lorde's excitement at winning best pop solo performance, as a gif. Thanks, internet

She and Joel join a list of Kiwi Grammy winners that includes Kiri Te Kanawa, Alan Broadbent, Flight of the Concords, and Kimbra. Read the full list here.

When NZers Jon Mark and Thelma Burchell won a Grammy in 2004 (best traditional world music album), the NZ media ignored them. Except for journalist Steve Braunias, apparently... From the NZ Herald, Feb 11 2004... " The Grammy win led the front page of the Times of Tibet, but passed without comment in New Zealand.

"Mark did make headlines yesterday [Feb 10 2004] - but only because of his dispute with New Zealand Listener journalist Steve Braunias, who published details of one of his royalty cheques in the magazine."

I asked Steve Braunias via Twitter earlier today about the royalty cheque - he recalls it was for the grand sum of US$52.75, but it cost him a lot more in court fines - "court ordered me to pay maybe $500 to a charity. Gave it to Cats Protection League!"

ADDED Lorde proved to be one of the most talked about figures on Twitter during the Grammys show, for her live performance, and her win of best solo pop performance... source: "these moments during the telecast of the Grammys drove the most conversation on Twitter"  TPM= tweets per minute

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