Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bella wins the internet

Wellington singer Bella Kololo is in Sydney at present, playing live at the Sydney Festival. She posted the most amazing photo online yesterday, and I think she wins the internet with it, cos it's freaking amazing....

"I'M SPINNING OUT! The festival director came into my dressing and said some one wanted to meet strolled CHAKA KHAN!!!!! She asked for my albums, asked me to sign them for her and then invited me to sing with her at her concert. Dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #cantbeleiveit #livinglegend #oneofmyFAVOURITEartistsofalltime #thankyoujesus" - Bella Kololo

ADDED ... and here's video of Bella onstage with Chaka... there's a comment on this video from Chaka too, it reads.. "Australia, thank you for a spectacular time this weekend in Syndey & Melbourne! Special shout out to Bella Kalolo!!"

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