Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Mimika - space jazz

Here's something delightfully twisted. Balkan space jazz outta London via Mars. Check it.

Some info from the band - "Mimika is set somewhere in Outer Space, but realises its dreams in London (UK). It is a 16 piece balkan space orchestra (big band for the youth, a mixture of Sun Ra, Duke Ellington, Balkan Folk Music and Urban Hip Hop alongside everything else) run by the young composer Mak Murtić and involving a multicultural group of humans. The band is currently presenting a new project about a future Martian civilisation of humans and Earth's society collapse.

Mimika has performed on the London Jazz Festival 2012, The London Olympic Festivals, Pizza Express Jazz Club, Richmix, Hootananny's, The Bussey Building and other venues in London, UK as well as Croatia."

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