Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Soul Fire 7" box set

From Truth and Soul Records: Available Black Friday Record Store Day special "Soul Fire box set" in stores November 29.

"Truth & Soul is proud to present The Soul Fire Box Set for Record Store Day, 2013. Soul Fire Records, started in 1999 by Phillip Lehman, produced some of the funkiest modern recordings to ever make it to 45.

Many of those 45’s from the Soul Fire catalog are nearly impossible to find today, and if and when they do come up for sale, they fetch top dollar. Soul Fire closed its doors in 2003 when Phillip stepped away from the music business to pursue other ventures.

He left the studio to Jeff Silverman & Leon Michaels, who then started what today is known as Truth & Soul Records. This box set contains some of the rarest sides from the Soul Fire catalog, 8 7” vinyls, liner notes from Phillip himself, and a Soul Fire sticker, all packaged in a woven silkscreened collectors box. Limited to 1000 pieces for Record Store Day."


Here's the latest podcast from the T&S Records posse...

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