Friday, November 08, 2013

Shogun Orchestra live

Shogun Orchestra venture northwards to promote their brand new album Black Lotus, playing a show tonight at Ponsonby Social Club from 9pm (free). Tomorrow night they play Leigh Sawmill.

"Shogun Orchestra, playing "Revolve" from their new album Black Lotus, to be released in October 2013, at the Opera House during the Wellington Jazz Festival.

Jennifer Zea - Vocals, Lucien Johnson - synth, Toby Laing - Trumpet, Barret Hocking - Trumpet, Dan Yeabsley - Saxophone, Joe Lindsay - Trombone, Justin "Firefly" Clarke - Guitar, Chris Yeabsley - Keys, Tim Jaray - Bass, Adan Tijerina - Congas, Paul K Hoskin - Drums."

Our new album Black Lotus can be purchased here:

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