Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Picassos on Audioculture

Author/musician Gareth Shute has written a great piece on my old band Hallelujah Picassos over at Audioculture, 'the noisy library of nz music'. It's got a ton of photos too. Go take a look....

"In the mash-up culture of today, it’s hard to recall how rigidly bands used to stick within a single genre. When Hallelujah Picassos arrived in the late-80s, they blasted away at people’s conceptions with their feral mix of indie rock, ska, hardcore punk, and hip-hop..."

... The story of the Picassos began when a young black Dutchman named Harold caught what turned out to be the final performance of industrial duo, Death Korporation, at a late night event as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival, held at DKD Cafe, where Harold worked.

Harold had moved to rural New Zealand when he was 17, but left for Auckland as soon as he had the chance. It was the band’s haphazard cover of James Brown’s ‘It’s A Man’s World’ that took his interest and he approached the guitarist Peter McLennan a few weeks later in a local nightclub, raving about how the cover had made his night after enduring a string of bad poets blathering on. They swapped numbers and started making music.

The pair could not have been more ill-matched – Peter already looking like the Elam Arts School student that he was and Harold (AKA Roland) looking like a wiry street thug – but they hit it off...."

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