Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kim Dotcom: "Baboom! I made an EDM album"

Kim Dotcom previously announced his music service, Megabox, just prior to the shutdown of Megaupload, and his arrest in January last year. Since then he has changed the name of the proposed music service to Baboom, last talking about it's launch back in September.

Digital Music News reports that "Dotcom has spent nearly four years working on an “iTunes-Spotify hybrid competitor,” and just revealed details about the upcoming service to Wired. At first, Baboom will only show Kim Dotcom’s artist page… he’s releasing an EDM album [called Good Times]. A couple months later, the full site will launch.

The site will have free music and will compensate artists using ad-generated revenue. And all of that will be generated through a controversial ad-plugin component:

“Baboom users can install a little plugin that replaces the ads you’d normally see on the internet with ones that we control through our ad network. Just as advertisers go to AdWords to buy ads from Google for certain search terms, they’ll be able to come to us and buy these ads at half the price and still have ads shown against the same keywords. And 100 percent of the money is credited to the user, who can spend it on music.”

The Baboom site is being developed by a team of 22 people in Portugal. The site will launch in January 2014.
Read part one of a two part interview with Dotcom over at Wired

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