Saturday, November 16, 2013

Disco Illusion / Lypso Illusion

"For many this is the ultimate Disco Illusion, a record that should have been epoch making in its day, something that would have been a staple for David Mancuso, Larry Levan and Ron Hardy had it ever gotten distribution when it was originally released 34 years ago.

Somehow time passed it by and it was only re-discovered in a warehouse in Trinidad last year. Since then it has been gaining momentum fast, with DJ support from Moodymann, MCDE, Floating Points & Kon, as well as original copies selling for four-digit sums. Part of the illusion is in the structure of the record.

The A-side begins with beautiful, but relatively normal disco song, but suddenly an Egyptian sounding bridge turns the things inside out and the song opens up into a proto-house jam complete with bubbling Sun Ra synths and Black Ark tape delay action. The there’s the b-side, which sounds like Bob James after he had a taste of callaloo, with deep electronics and a mind-melting steel pan solo. Finally, thanks to Invisible City this record is getting the life it has always deserved."

Stephen Encinas ‎– Disco Illusion / Lypso Illusion - 12"  on Invisible City Editions

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