Friday, October 18, 2013

Scribe - Crusader X

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Scribe's landmark NZ hiphop album, his debut, The Crusader. has pulled together a fantastic track by  track flashback from the people involved with the record - MCs, producers and all. They talk about how songs like Not Many (orig and remix), and Stand Up came together, it's great reading. Here's an excerpt...

Scribe – Probably the most feel good track on the album P-Money did it again with this joint I got this the same time as “My Lady” remix beat. P had just evolved in his beatmaking to a whole other level with this batch. This beat just made me feel good warm and summery. It gave me the same vibe as “Oh Boy” Camron so I went to work straight away. An ode to Hip Hop and my family I talk about my discovery of Hip Hop as a kid going to school and growing up with my cousins in the hood and one of them just happened to be Ladi6.

My brother and I started breakdancing as kids watching Beat Street and that was my introduction to Hip Hop although at the time just thought it was dancing. The last verse namecheck most of my cousins but I have way to many so couldn’t name them all as my Mum has 11 brothers and sisters and my dad 13 but its a family song and I love performing it with Ladi6. 

Also it does have some prophecy as in the 1st verse opens with “Im so hot put me on..this year we number 1..” I still get shit from some cousins who’s name didn’t make the is pretty hard to rhyme fa’ama’

P-Money – Scribe and Ladi6 are first cousins. They are really close. There was no way we could complete the album without her vocals on there. This song is pretty much Scribe’s dedication to his whole family. He name drops almost everyone in the third verse. I always thought it was cool that he did that. Including the whole family on the album.

Ladi6 – This album is now an embedded piece of my (our) families history. Malo (MC Scribe) had made some of these verses/songs well known family classics before he had even moved from Christchurch to Auckland to start on his infamous and historic road to record breaking success. He cleverly slaved over them with an eye for detail and an ear for the sincere.

We all moved up to Auckland together living out of our cousins house in South Auckland where Scribe set up shop, bucket bong, black book, pens and a tape player in the laundry room where we would all pack in there day in and out, straining to hear his newest verse, over his latest P-Money instrumental, memorising every last lyric. By the time the album came out most of us cousins knew every damn word to every damn song.

Scribe was kind enough to ask me along to sing backing vocals and perform our own rap jam, ‘Scribe,L.6,’ as part of his BDO Oz tour and around various shows in New Zealand. It was such an incredible learning curve for me as an aspiring artist and musician, an experience I have and will always treasure. Even though “The Crusader” was MC Scribes beginning, it also marked a start to my own journey. Something I will always be grateful to him for.

oh, and I love this snip from Con Psy (now goes by David Dallas) on working on the Not Many remix, his first time in a proper studio...

"I might’ve been the only one who had a car at the time, because I recall after Scribble came through and did his verse we had to hop into my fucked up 94 Civic and go pick up Sav [Savage] and bring him to the studio after his shift finished at the gas station. On a comedic note, later that night I was dropping Scribe off at his cousins house and my car died in the middle of G.I on this busy ass street, [and] without saying a word the bro got out the car and pushed us to the nearest BP LOL… I only met him that day and his single had just hit #1 on the charts yet here he was, no shame, pushing this car through the intersection with traffic beepin' at us etc. LOL, he will forever be the man in my eyes just off that."

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