Friday, October 04, 2013

Marbecks closes more music stores

Marbecks are shutting their Dunedin store, tho the cafe attached to it will remain open. In January they announced plans to focus more on the cafe side of that location.

Marbecks are also closing down the pop/rock shop in Auckland's Queens Arcade. Some good news though, Roger Marbeck is keeping Marbecks Classical open down there. Marbecks Classical is owned separately from Marbecks pop/rock shop in Queens Arcade. Final day is in about two weeks, apparently.

From Marbecks Queens Arcade Facebook page...

"FINAL CURTAIN... Hi friends, we are shutting up shop for good on October 14, which is bad news for us but good news for your wallets.

We're having a 50% OFF EVERYTHING SALE from now until our final day.

For those who haven't visited our store for a while there are many, many gems in store yet to find a happy home. Maybe that home could be yours, or maybe a music and film loving friend's home? Please share this post with your audio-visual fanatic friends who do enjoy a bargain or two.

There is somewhat of a happier music store story though -Marbecks Classical, Jazz & Specialist Imports are staying open, and in fact will be expanding both their store size, and their range, so there will still be at least one fantastic store located in Queens Arcade. They're not going anywhere.

Thanks to all of you who have shopped here over the years and requested all manner of weird and wonderful titles. Your patronage has been much appreciated by the in-store team."

Roger Marbeck took the Queens Arcade Classical store back in April of this year, and there was a big publicity push to get the word out in August. No word on any job losses.

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